Saturday, April 30, 2011

Recipe Book

Recently My daughter persuaded me to buy a recipe book which had a varied number of vegetable recipes. So taking her suggestion, purchased a latest copy ,which was actually a delight to look at .Now She wants me to try out some of her favourites from the book.I thought for a start I will try to do this dish which looks very green,colourful and delicious..

The Royal Banquet

The Wedding Of Prince William and Kate Middleton was indeed pomp and pagentry.Fans of the Monarchy worldwide watched the wedding live ,which was telecasted across the globe.Besides the glamour and glitter ,I am just curious to know how well the banquet went .What food they would have eaten on their grand occasion and what would have been served their invitees.I am pretty sure the food too would have be served in grandeur!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

As Easy As ABC

Technology -It's easy as A B C...

A for apple
B for bluetooth
C for chat
D for download
E for email
F for facebook
G for google
H for Hewlett Packard
I for iphone
J for java
K for Kingston
L forlaptop
M for messenger
N for networking
O for orkut
P for picasa
Q for quick heal
R for Ram
S for server
T for twitter
U for USB
V for vista
W for windows
X forXp
Y for youtube
Z for zorpia

Thank God!!!! A is still apple.....