Monday, February 3, 2014

A Healthy Alternative To Frying

No more spills and splatters
Made the juiciest and crispiest chicken 

Cooking with Tefal actifryer  is a better alternative to fry your food.With only a spoon of oil you can make the crispiest food that you have ever imagined.What's more it’s a lot more easier and less messier.No more spills and splatters when you deep fry your food. The actifryer is an awesome  appliance that fries your food with only a push of a button and once it’s done it will beep to say its ready for the table.I must admit,I was a bit hesitant at the beginning when  a friend suggested that I use one.After giving it a hard thought I decided to go for it.However after  my husband purchased one  for me I was pondering whether it was  a wise choice. Untouched ,I left this appliance to idle in the box.Whenever my husband, children and friends asked me when I was going to make use of it. I gave them many excuses and  left it at that. In an unfortunate twist of fate, my husband fell ill and was  advised to a strict diet with less oil .This left me with no option but to go ahead and use the air fryer.I am glad I did .With only a spoon or sometimes with no oil ,the food has always come out delicious and my husband and the whole family is relishing every bit of the   food that is  being served on their plates.Moreover they are absolutely healthy. And I am one proud and happy housewife who has wholeheartedly accepted and embraced the Tefal actifryer into my kitchen.