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Ghee Cookies 

                                      Ghee cookies recipe

 Mixed Pickle

Banana Fritters

Making Pittu

1/2 measure rice flour
1 pound scrapped coconut
cold water

Put the flour and coconut into a large deep pan.Add a little salt and mix with the hand in a   circular movement forming the flour into litle grains.If necessary, sprinkle in a little cold water while forming the grains.The coconut for pittu should not be too dry.

Boil water in a the pittu vessel on top.Fill up the pittu vessel, with the prepared flour .cover the vessel with a lid.( this vessel can be brought from any Indian stores in the Middle East)The Pittu is cooked when you see steam escape from the lid. This may take about a minute.Remove lid and push the pittu from the vessel into a plate with a long stick ( which is used for this purpose) -recipe courtesy: Ceylon DailyNews cookery book


Preparing Bread Fritters