Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Brinjal  is a cherished vegetable among my family members.It is also known as aubergine or eggplant They come in two colours :purple and white.
When uncooked it has a bitter taste  but becomes soft and pulpy when cooked. As soon as the vegetable is cut for cooking,the vegetable pieces are soaked in turmeric powder to get rid of the bitterness.Then it is washed and rinsed well before getting to the stove.I love to try my hands cooking brinjals in a variety of ways.Brinjals can be cooked,fried baked and roasted .More than often ,I fry the brinjals and then use them accordingly in a recipe.My family’s favourite is the baked brinjal dish,which I prepare for special occasions.Another specialty is the brinjal curry ,which is commonly cooked in my home.With added ingredients it becomes  a delectable dish.This is usually served with rice and curry.l

Brinjal Curry
4 medium brinjals
1 onion sliced
A piece of ginger chopped
3 cloves garlic chopped
1 tomato
A dessertspoon mustard seeds.
A sprig of curry leaves
1 tablespoon chilly powder or chilly  flakes ( you can add more  or reduce the amount)
1 ½ teacups coconut milk.
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

Wash and cut the brinjals  lengthwise .( should be a little thick).Fry them in oil.Drain them in paper towel and set aside while you prepare the gravy.
Heat a tablespoon of oil in a pan.Cook the onions till it turns pale in colour.Add the ginger ,garlic,chilly and the rest of the ingredients and cook for a further few minutes.When the gravy thickens , add the fried brinjals and let it simmer .Enjoy with a plate of rice and curry.