Monday, June 6, 2011

Making A Loaf ,The Easy Way

For the past couple of years, I have been trying my hands at bread making.Initially I faced a lot of hardship going through the bread making procedures.I made a lot of punches on the dough that left my right hand too sore afterwards.And with all those heavy beatings,I always found the insides too stiff and hard.Then I learnt it was not a good idea to knead alot.Gradually I learnt to make a somewhat perfect loaf.But I am still not sure how my bread would turn out during winter.I have never tried making bread during the cold season because there wouldn't be a warm cosy place for the dough to rise. The other day while I was going my usual rounds, reading some of my favourite pages in blogosphere,I came across blogger The Orgasmic Chef's bread making recipe .It was very simple and didn't need all those Karate "Hiya ! Hiya ! punches on the dough.I decided to try my hands in baking a loaf using her method.Eventually I baked two soft loaves and the aroma was irresistible that my young sons became impatient to wait until it became very brown.Anyway it became an instant hit.Even the last bit of scrap and crumble were greatly relished.Thank you Orgasmic Chef for the recipe.

The Bread Making Recipe

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