Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun Making Pizza At Home

My children loves to eat pizzas. However when it comes to choosing the toppings, each got their own preferences. It is a big hassle when we place an order for home delivery. Occasionally I make pizzas at home to make the children happy. Although the pizza I make at home is not perfect like the ones we eat at the restaurant, the children don't mind at all and they don't make a big issue about it, as they get to work on their own pizza with their choice of topping. My young sons like their share of the pizza with pepperoni and cheese, my  youngest girl, who is  a vegetarian relishes her pizza with veggies and without any cheese. Whereas my oldest daughter, husband and I love the spicy variety with a lot of bell peppers. Whenever I make pizza at homethe children are very delighted. They help me knead and roll out the dough and with a great sense of responsibility assemble their own toppings, which I help sort out. This is only kitchen chore the children do with a lot of excitement and eagerness. It's fun getting the children actively involved albeit the messy aftermath.

Fit for a vegetarian

Hot and Spicy
My sons assembled their own toppings and the mess thereafter...

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