Friday, August 5, 2011

Rice And Curry

Sri Lanka is known for her warm hospitality and great food.The staple food of this beautiful island, is rice, which is accompanied with a wide range of curries,vegetables, pickles  and green leaves.No one could resist a  plateful  of  scrumptious delicacies.As hungry as I was,I  just couldn't  dip into the food without first taking some pictures of what I was going to eat.

A plate of rice with a variety of vegetables and curried fish.The vegetables you see are curried beetroot, lentils,  green leaves,thallana-battu  (Thai eggplant ) cooked spicy fish and fried pappadams,a crispy, savoury cracker.The best part of the whole thing is , you use your right hand fingers to mix a little bit of the rice and curries,take a morsel of the mixture and shove it ( not too roughly)  into the mouth.Hmm..And when munching, you get the real taste of all the goodness of the fiery spices and the flavourings of all the herbs.You got to taste it, to feel it!

My goodness! I still cannot believe that I had actually cleaned up the plate.

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