Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eating Healthy

How often we get bored eating the same type of food over and over again.During meal time the children come to the kitchen to see what they would be having for dinner. Then they pretend they are not hungry merely to escape  eating the same  food that they had eaten the previous day.The best way to get the children have an appetite is have a variety throughout the week.Make some effort to make a few changes in  your  cooking.Try to bake,broil and fry chicken about thrice a week.Have a day for a vegetarian meal.Try to skip the usual heavy breakfast and opt for some fresh fruits like watermelon,mangoes and pineapples.My children love fruits ,so I often have fruits washed and finely cut into bite size pieces in a bowl in the refrigerator.They also love a lot of salads.I make sure these are readily available during mealtimes.I also try to make their favourite food once a week.Above all I see that they drink a lot of fresh juice everyday.

                                       My children love to eat corn and all kinds of soup.

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