Thursday, January 26, 2012

Colourful Bell Peppers

Bell peppers have a lot of nutrients.They are loaded with vitamin c and folic acid.They are tangy and crunchy and have a very smooth texture.They can be used in salads,sandwiches,pastas and meat.Bell peppers come in a variety of colours like red,green,orange and yellow.Recently I bought bell peppers from the supermarket  to make a special dish for my daughters birthday.I fried beef and then cooked it with all the colourful  bell peppers.Not only was this dish  presentable at the table,it was greatly relished by  the party guests who were all in their teens.I  used  a lot of spices and herbs to give it an unbeatable aroma and flavour.

You could also use bell peppers  to garnish food.I love to top them on pizzas and my meat curries.The coloured peppers actually tempt your tastes buds and  your senses too.I cannot wait to try another recipe using these colourful peppers.
You can follow this beef recipe and add the colourful bell peppers in the final stage of cooking.


  1. Great! We are very fond of them. My wife cooks a variety using these!

  2. Those really are beautiful! It reminds me of when I was a girl. My mother LOVED green peppers and grew them in her garden. I did not like them at all, but she enjoyed them so much, I decided to just eat them until I liked them. It worked. ;)


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