Thursday, August 9, 2012

What To Do With Leftover Food

Whenever I have guests at home ,I tend to cook extra meat,sea food or poultry ,so as to not be in an awkward position when 'Please can I have more', arises, especially from children.However  there are times when the guests feel satisfied  and full with  the first serving itself, that  there will be enough food remaining for a day or two.I always make it a point to use the leftovers in different dishes so as to tempt my children in eating them ( though they sometimes never know they were the previous meal's leftovers).I refrigerate the unused portion of the food and work out a new recipe.I usually  make fillings for  buns and toppings for pizzas using leftover  meat curries.I toss leftover shrimps and prawns in noodles and pastas or remove the remnants from the gravy, mix in with batter and fry.This way I know I can tantalize the taste buds of everyone at home ,and what more the food doesn't go to waste. 
Pizza topping  made with leftover meat


  1. great way of using up leftovers! Very yummy dish. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Great advice and those dishes look mighty yummy :)


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