Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baking Bread My Way

I love bread especially when its freshly baked.The smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the nostrils and tantalizing the tastesbuds..Hmm  don’t you love that? For a  long period of time I have been trying  baking bread at home ,however, I never achieved  the perfect loaf and  I used to get fed up with the end results.But  I didn’t completely give up my determination.I have turned to cook books,TV demonstrations and even foodies in the internet in a desperate attempt to learn the art of bread making.Somewhere in  the mid month of  November last year,things started changing.I was fortunate to learn some techniques that was being  demonstrated on a Food channel. Like how  light  and fluffy the dough should be when we mix in the ingredients and knead. Since then ,my bread making has  slightly improved.During the past months I had been practising almost every week to get the correct proposition for an enhanced loaf.I think I have somewhat achieved my goal, making it my way.I didnt actually follow any exact measurement.I adjusted it accordingly,with a little extra of this and that,here and there. My children loved the softness of the inside and the crusty texture of the outside.With a generous spread of butter in each slice you could very well satiate the taste buds of everyone at home.I am familiar with only one type of ‘bread making’ whereas there are many ways of  making bread.Bread is eaten all over the world. I find irresistible the  thin breads like Naan and chapattis too.The Middle Eastern bread pronounced "Khubz', is a thin flat circular shaped bread,a pita bread  very similar to tacos and delicious when eaten ‘hot hot’.There is also a variety of fillings wrapped in these breads .My children love the filling with chicken, chopped tomatoes, gerkins and a good amount of mayonnaise.A favourite among the young and old.
Though the loaf resembled a pound cake,every bite tasted so scrumptious,like the perfect bread

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