Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eating The Right Kind Of Food

A friend asked me the other day from where I get my inspiration, to get into the kitchen and cook without complaining.I guess I have to thank my dear Mom who taught us the basic culinary skills.Whenever,she  prepared food, we would  with keen enthusiasm watch  how she skillfully made those delicious dishes. At that time as young as we were, we would, with pleasure, munch away the morsels shoved  into our mouths by Mom ,to get our  opinion on  the taste. She took great pride in preparing  new recipes and we were like  good students observing everything she did in the kitchen. I also got to thank the many  articles and cookbooks that have guided me throughout.The  various websites that cater good recipes from all over the world encouraged me further my love for cooking. Whether they are continental, oriental or mediterranean dishes, I love to try my hands on them.
Ever since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I have tried as much as possible to curtail carbs in my diet.I have  even switched  from white rice and everything refined to whole grains.When I come across articles on diabetes whether on the internet or magazines, I am somehow deeply drawn towards them.There are so much of useful information that I have gathered on the web regarding diabetes that helps me  greatly  and has motivated me tremendously to monitor my blood sugar on a weekly basis .When a good article from a reliable source recommends something worthy,I make sure I follow their guidelines and learn a few tips as well.There are studies which has proven that  eating barley  can help in managing our sugar levels.Barley is  an excellent  choice for a diabetic because it  is high in soluble fiber.It makes  a good substitute for white rice. I came to know of one website, which has a number of delicious and mouth watering recipes for everyone.I love the fact how  they guide and help you step by step with their interesting articles.This is a wonderful  family friendly site where you  could find articles and useful information on any topic.I also love the variety of  healthy recipes they have on their website  for health conscious people like me. 

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