Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Special Day

As the day dawned, we all got excited especially our eldest, who was anticipating her class twelve board examination results that was soon to be released on the web.As usual the rest of the children got ready for school and I was busily preparing breakfast.After packing their bags, I saw them off to their school van .My husband too, left for office wishing her the best of luck. I made myself a hot cup of tea and was about to sip ,when I heard my daughter scream-a joyful scream I should say.She came running to me with her laptop and placed it in front of me.I was as hysterical as her, when I  saw her exam gradings .She had got through her Board Exams with flying colours.After hugs and embraces, she called her Dad who had just gone to office.He too was happy. After the initial  jubilation, she received endless wishes from family and friends.It was a happy moment  when my hubby, after office,  surprised the daughter with two of  her favourite things: chocolate  donuts and praline ice cream. What a special treat to celebrate the happy event.Yummy!!

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