Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Every now and then, one of my children experience hiccups that come about  without any warning.This has made me wonder why they occur without a reason.Recently I came across some facts about hiccups and what should be done to make it go away.Hiccups usually doesn't cause any problems.They stop on their own in a few minutes.Hiccuping gets flared ,when food is eaten too quickly.Food when taken too hot or too cold ,could bring out the hiccups in you.Also gulping cold air in the winter season could make you  get an attack of hiccups.
I have tried the old fashioned method of stopping  hiccups,by letting my child with hiccups ,drink water out of the wrong side of the glass.But it doesn't work sometime.Another common belief is holding the breathe for a few minutes.
I like to share a tip on how to stop hiccups using food.
Take a slice of lemon and dip it in hot water.Take the lemon out of the water and sprinkle on it sugar,salt and black pepper.The lemon should be sucked until the hiccups stop.

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