Monday, May 30, 2011

Potato Contains Solanine

Another interesting article caught my attention today.I don't know, but you could have read it too.Reading through the  contents made me sick already.Who would have thought that the potato we have all grown in love with , has a disturbing  secret to reveal.Did you know that the green part of the potato is poisonous? The greenish hue of the potato namely the leaves,stem and green shades on the potato contains a natural toxin called solanine.This bitter  poisonous crystalline  alkaloid  is part of the plants defenses against insects,diseases and predators.These should be avoided at all costs.The article further mentions ' salonine develop in potatoes when  spuds are subjected to light or very cold or warm temperatures.It interferes with the  body's ability to use a particular chemical  that facilitates the transmission of impulses between cells' When eaten in large quantity ,it can cause vomiting,diarrhea,headaches, and even paralysis in the nervous system.The next time when cooking potatoes, discard any potatoes with green eyes,sprouts or greenish skins.

Curried potatoes
 Cooking With Potato

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