Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's For Dinner!

The heat is on.And I am constantly getting tired .I have n't decided what to prepare for dinner.I cannot run through my mind fixing a recipe in a jiffy and that too when it's way past time to prepare everything from scratch. Oh! How my children love days like this!Because now is the time that they get to pick their favourite .I am going to leave this writing unfinished until later, when everyone has done with the dinner.By the way I have left it totally on to my children to decide what they want to eat for dinner.
Well I am back .Wondering what the choice was for dinner ! Well you can see for yourself.Now I am too full to do anything else except to walk around the house till the food gets properly digested.In the meantime have a look at the pizza that was ordered for dinner.( these pictures were taken just before they disappeared inside our mouths) I guess you're drooling already!

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