Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caramel Pudding

This a recipe that I adapted from an old recipe book.It is still very much appreciated by many in my home country.I did a bit of changes when I tried it.The caramel is usually poured first into a mould to evenly coat the mould and then the pudding mixture is poured in.I usually make extra caramel and pour it over the pudding once it's done.This pudding can be eaten hot or cold.

For the caramel
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons water

For custard
4-5 eggs
3/4 pint milk
A little sugar (1 tablespoon) but do not make it too sweetened
a drop of vanilla flavoring
A pinch of salt

Method for making the caramel
In a pan ,bring to a quick boil the sugar and water.When it turns brown, pour it into a mould.Evenly coat the mould with the syrup.( the caramel will immediately harden).Set aside.

Now make the custard-Beat the eggs and add the vanilla falvouring,salt and lastly the sugar.Heat the milk and slowly pour over the egg mixture, stirring all the time .Gently pour this custard into the prepared mould.Cover with a buttered paper and steam for an hour.Let it stand for a few minutes before turning it out into a serving dish.Once it is turned ,the caramel will form a sauce round and over the pudding.

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