Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pass Me The Salad Please!

Salads can be made roughly from all types of vegetables.Cucumber, carrots, turnips,cabbage,tomatoes and onions to name a few.They are eaten raw.They can be served as a starter or wth the main course.It is essential to see that all the vegetables used in making a salad is fresh and the greeny leaves crisp and dry.Lettuces and all the other vegetables should be thoroughly washed so that any dirt or dust particles are removed.Always remember not to cut the lettuce as they are best when torn with your fingers..Most chefs,cooks and even a Mommy like me, prefer to use olive oil in the salad,because of it’s healthy benefits.Salads are served cold and a dressing is added when it is ready to be served.
Bon appetit!

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