Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spicy Mango

When the mango season is on ,we love to try a variety.The other day my husband bought some juicy looking ones from the grocer and my daughters wanted to try them straight away.But unfortunately though outwardly they looked so deliciously juicy ,once we had the skin peeled ,they didn't taste sweet at all. Oh! Dear! The children were thoroughly disappointed.I didn't want these mangoes to go to waste.I told my children that I would make them something surprisingly good.I made them an 'anchar' a spicy pickle , with the unsweetened mangoes.Do you want to know how easy making that recipe was .I sliced two big mangoes and cut them into bite size pieces. Into this, I added some red chilly, salt ,sugar and vinegar.That was it! they really enjoyed.While preparing this ,I remembered my own childhood days when my siblings and I would sit under the mango tree in our garden and eat the unripened fruits sprinkled with lots of pepper and salt.

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