Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clearing,Cleaning And Eating

Since morning  I have been  busier than the other days,I have  one whole day to clear and clean my kitchen before we go on our summer vacation.Although going on vacation is exciting ,it's also kind of strenuous, because it requires all of our energy sorting out and packing  appropriate clothes to take on our vacation, cleaning and clearing all the perishable items from  the refrigerator and the larder.My husband had already removed the plug from the refrigerator.There are still half used food bottles and jars.and a little bit of dry rations like rice,flour and lentils which could be used for another week..Hope to give them to someone who will make use of them.I  prepared some  flat bread  from the left over  flour for breakfast.And for Lunch we had  ordered some take overs.Though it was just plain white rice and spicy curried  chicken for the adults and fried chicken for the children ,we really enjoyed the food ,because we were really hungry.

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