Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainbow Sandwiches

When my children  see a colourful plate they get enticed by it.Then they get tempted.So there's no problem making them eat sandwiches . Ribbon or rainbow sandwiches are a delight to the eyes..These colourful  sandwiches  get the attention of children very quickly.This is a 'must do 'menu  during Kiddies birthday parties .This is a very easy recipe and there's no heavy labour involved.You can also choose a title of your choice.

Rainbow Sandwiches.

Boil veggies like carrot and beetroot.Cool and mash it separately.Add butter,cream cheese,mustard paste to each of the mashed veggies.mix separately .Sprinkle with pepper and salt. 
Apply butter on the sliced sandwich .Spread carrot paste on one side of the sliced sandwich .Seal it with another slice.Then take a new slice and spread beetroot paste on it and lay it on the carrot sandwich.
Trim the edges and cut into quarters and serve.
You can also keep layering with different filings.

When ready arrange them beautifully  on a platter .When you serve  different  kinds of sandwiches,like cheese sandwiches,chicken sandwiches or veggie sandwiches,place a label on  each platter  denoting their variety.

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