Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Refreshing Drink

With great reluctance, I will have to temporarily say farewell to this traditional drink that refreshed me during Iftar: the time of breaking my fast. This sweet drink is a kind of revitilizer that brings back my stamina during this month of Ramadan. Rooh Afza, as it is commonly known, is a juicy syrup which when diluted with water makes a great drink. It's original concentration is a mixture of seeds and raisins,like the khurfa seeds, Munaqqa and Kasni. Though I prepare this drink only during Ramadan, there are many others who relish this stimulating drink during the hot summers to quench their thirst.There are many ways to enjoy a glass of Rooh Afza. It could be enjoyed with just plain water, sugar and some crushed ice. A little lemon juice added would taste even better. My family loves it when I add some milk to it. 

Serving suggestions; 
To make a drink from Rooh Afza; add 3 table spoons of Rooh Afza to a glass of chilled water. Fresh lemon juice/crushed ice or milk can be added for extra flavour and add sugar according to taste.

My children enjoy it with a scoop of ice cream

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