Friday, September 2, 2011

Eating Dips and Salads

Eid festival has come and gone however all of us are still in the festive mood as everyone is on holiday. And all are less bothered to follow the usual routine. Everyone at home were doing their own thing in a leisurely manner. The children were even eating the meals at different timing. Last evening I was too lethargic to do anything. I tried to avoid going into the kitchen too. My husband decided to take us out to the mall, so that the sons would have some sort of entertainment. And he suggested we have dinner at the food court there. By the time we decided to eat, the food court was packed to capacity. There were no empty tables and chairs. Even the most sought after restaurants in the mall were packed. Everyone was too hungry to patiently wait till a table was cleared. Finally we decided to order take-away and eat at home. The children wanted burgers and fries. We bought some vegetable noodles for the vegetarian daughter. But I decided to order only some appetizers/starters as I was too tired to eat a heavy meal. I ordered a platterful of different dips and salads. Dips like Humus, Thahini, eggplant dip, corn and parsley salad and a portion of coleslaw. It was a serving for about four people. It was packed with Kubz, a kind of flat bread that I used as a spoon to dip and shovel the salads into my mouth.

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