Monday, September 5, 2011

What You Did'nt Know About Celery

Celery is a type of green  vegetable that can be eaten raw or be used in soups,stews and broths for  extra flavoring and taste.The long stalks  are crunchy and has a fine aroma.Covered in  plastic wraps ,it preserves well in the freezer for a longer period of time..Celery is used daily in my cooking.I love adding it to my beef and fish curries.Since I love to retain the color and the crunchiness,I simply use it to garnish the meat dishes.

Here is an interesting fact,I found while reading the book 'Foods For moods,.
'The vegetable celery contains some androsterone.When digested,the androsterone is released through our perspiration,which most people quite unknowingly find it irresistible '

So go on a celery binge,when  you want a cuddle from your loved one..This is definitely  a healthier alternative to perfume..

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  1. hmmm... i think i need to grab a bunch of celery when I get home tonight ;)


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