Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day 2011: Food Taking Me Back To My Childhood

I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011

When food is mentioned, many distinguishing features pop in my mind. The first thing that draws my attention whenever this topic is brought about is family. Food and family go hand in hand. The thought of food also stimulates much deeper; the love, happiness, warmth, kindness and generosity in me. Food makes a person's heart bubble with warmth. It also reinforces kindness and generosity that make me extend an helping hand to the less fortunate. Overall the subject of food wafts me deeply as it takes me back to my childhood, reminiscing the days I spent with my parents and siblings. Food always played a major part during my childhood and continues to do so. 

With food as the topic I ventured on this nostalgic journey down memory lane. I paused for a moment, when I envisaged my childhood home, where I had spent great many years of happy times with my family. I mentally zoomed in to the dining hall where my large family used to gather during  mealtimes. Whisperings, followed by loud laughter, would erupt throughout the hallway which would quickly be silenced by the food that would soon be laid on the table. Mother would painstakingly prepare part of the breakfast while my siblings and I would wait impatiently around the breakfast table for Father, who would bring the main part of the breakfast, the freshly baked bread from the baker which we all took delight in eating, with the coconut “sambol” (chutney) Mother made. Even though we had a choice for breakfast, we always tried to eat Mother’s favorite. With stinging eyes and  runny nose, my whole body would be encircled with a burning sensation. I wouldn’t give up! Hastily gulping water in between each morsel, I would fan myself with the morning newspaper, to cool that sweltering in me and pretend that everything was just fine. I wouldn’t dislodge from the breakfast table till I finished the last mouthful of that spicy coconut sambol, which was a mixture of scrapped coconut, red chilly, green chilly and chopped onions sprinkled with lemon juice and salt. This was my mother’s specialty! A simple dish made with great labour of love.

Thanks to blog action day for the topic that rekindled  my childhood.

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