Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Bowl Of Soup Keeps The Doctor Away

Last evening my youngest  was feeling a bit  lethargic and  was not in a mood to do anything.Later when I checked him I knew he was coming in for a cold. And when he got the cold it was really nasty and he lost his appetite as well.Before he went to bed I made him inhale steam.This morning his cold  was terrible.I did n't want to give him doses of medicine ,instead I made him a fresh  bowl of  chicken and mushroom soup.

I already had a packet of instant mushroom soup.I poured the contents in the packet onto a pan with a litre of water.I brought this to a boil.To that I added  a cup of  chicken broth, a few pieces of boiled chicken,a few diced carrots and a little bit of cauliflower florets.Then I added a pinch of  salt and pepper.I let it simmer in the pan .While still warm I served it to my son.

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