Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nourishing Soup

Everyone in the family loves soups.And I love to make soup with what ever is available in my refrigerator.Soups make an wholesome meal.And they are economical too.Trimmings and bones  of beef and mutton are   ideal   to make a potful of soup.I often keep  a bagful of these in my freezer and make a delectable pot of soup.When making soup , I also have to consider my vegetarian daughter.So without any hesitation I make another( smaller ) pot of soup with only veggies, especially  for her. Basically all soups are the same .But each of us make it extra special by adding more flavorings and give it an appealing look with some  garnishing.

                                   Soup made with trimmings and bones ( Mutton)

                                  Vegetable  soup for my vegetarian daughter
Carrots,turnips,celery are some of the vegetables used for the soup.Use sufficient water to boil all the vegetables ,season the soup with salt  and pepper and  then let it simmer.I still haven't assembled the recipes in order for posting,once done I will share it with my readers.Thanks

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