Monday, December 5, 2011

Cooking Beans

 A few days ago I was assigned to do a pot of beans for a farewell party. Since it was a large quantity, my daughters helped me with the cutting and chopping. I was glad I had some extra help. Beans could be cooked in many different ways. I decided to  do a curried dish.

I had to fry the beans in batches as the frying pan couldn't hold a lot at the same time. Once all the beans were fried, I put them into a  large platter lined with paper towels for  the excess oil  to be absorbed.

The beans went through many  cooking stages to reach  the finish product. First it was fried and cooked on the stove and then went into the oven to simmer. A lot of tomatoes, onions, garlic and a few spices were added to bring out the flavour. This vegetable curry is a good side dish with  rice cooked in saffron.

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  1. You made me crave for green beans :) they look delicious. It was a pleasure visiting your blog, it's a very colorful place with a lot of interesting information and lovely pictures.


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