Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eating Crabs

Last night my Husband bought crab curry from the local mall which was holding a sea food fiesta.We hadn't eaten crab for awhile and I was all agog to taste it again.The children of course didnt dare to take a bite.They were put off by the crab shells. It was scrumptious. The sauce was thick and delicious.The sweet and sour taste of the sauce was tantalizing. Crabs should be eaten with caution as the shells could injure the mouth.It's time consuming too.My son was so  amazed at the way I was eating them.Instead of using a fork or a spoon I had a big wooden hammer with me.It was very difficult to break open the shells to get the flesh out, so I had to make use of a hammer to crack open the shells.The flesh inside was so juicy and extraordinarily tasty.It was worth the effort and the time.


  1. looks so yum! I'm allergic to crabs though :(

    foodie mama

  2. I've never seen or tasted a crab before. Now i see how it looks when you cook it and the way you've described it gives me a good feeling about it. Even my dad said, once, that crabs tastes delicious.

  3. Thanks for the tips, yummy food!


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