Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Eaten At Lunch Time

The children come home from school late in the afternoon tired and hungry.Everyday I see that they are given a well balanced home cooked meal.As a stay at home mom I can afford to spend some extra time in the kitchen planning out the day's menu and cooking: rice,vegetables and meat  to satiate the taste buds of my children.The meat is always cooked a little spicy  with enough gravy,sometimes the children love it all marinated and fried. The vegetables are relished when done  in mild spices and coconut milk.If I have some carrots,lettuce and any other leafy green in my refrigerator I tear them and throw into a bowl.To make a salad in an instant. Rice and curry is the  typical lunch eaten at home everyday.Once in a way the children  would want to eat something other than the usual food.I eat  my Lunch  with the children but my hubby has his lunch when he  comes home after office in the evening.I serve him everyday and discuss the days events with him..If I am hungry I have a second serving  along with  hubby ( of course in  small  quantities) ..

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  1. Its great spending some quality time with the family and lunch or dinner time would be a nice time to do so like you said. It really feels amazing to take care of the family and make sure they have a healthy food all the time.


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