Monday, December 26, 2011

Pan Toasted Bread

During the cold season cooked meals  become chilled after sometime.Even the bread becomes a little soggy thus making it a little cumbersome to make firm and fresh sandwiches.So the only alternative is to toast the bread.Bread toasted on an electric toaster is easier than pan toasted or grilled .But it gives out  a different taste and texture when toasted on a hot griddle.The children love it and so do I.So when ever there is bread available at home ,I try to make something new for the children to relish on.
Last morning for breakfast I pan toasted slices of bread and to eat with those, made two items to spread on or dip with the toast.Pan toasting  gives a unique taste and is a lot  more crunchier.

I scrambled three eggs and after it came down to room temperature added to it some butter,cheese, mayonnaise ,pepper and salt.One on toasted slice of bread I spread a little of this mixture.Then I covered it with another slice and reheated it. This binds the slices together.

This is a creamy paste made with tuna fish,butter,cheese, pepper, mustard cream and salt.Whip all the ingredients to a fine paste and dip with toasted bread.

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