Friday, December 23, 2011

Mix And Match Recipe

A number of dishes can be tried with dry fish.This is a recipe  made from dried and salted fish which is then  fried in hot oil.The recipe I have for you  is fried dry fish sambal.This is generally eaten with red rice,dhal curry,a greeny leaf  mallun ( minced salad) and pappadam, a thin crispy savoury  wafer.This  specific recipe and the above dishes make  an ideal Lunch on a cold winter day.This is a typical  lunch in most homes in Sri Lanka.The neighbouring homes know you are cooking this dish because of the tantalizing  aroma that wafts from your kitchen. 

The recipe ( Dry Fish Sambal)
Fry dried fish pieces,any kind .( 8-10 pieces) Set aside.
Then slightly  fry  two sliced  onions,3-4 green chillies ,a tablespoon red chilly flakes and a few curry leaves in a little oil.
Add one large chopped tomato and salt to taste.Mix in the fried dried fish.Squeeze in the juice of a small lime.

You can also mix and match this recipe  with a few  other dishes as well  ...mix it with deviled potatoes.

... or simply add it to fried brinjals ( eggplant)


  1. hi is this dried fish are the one that we called tuyo in the Philippines, just got curious

  2. Any type of fish can be salted and dried .Maybe tuyo has something in common.


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