Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Specialty Bun

A Food festival is underway in the Kingdom and there is this hustle and the bustle amongst the folks where they are preparing to exhibit different foods from all parts of the region.The food that is dominating the news is Kleja a Saudi Arabian food which is very similar to a large cookie or a bun. It is a nourishing food made with flour,sugar, eggs and a diversity of favorable herbs like ginger ,cloves and cardamoms.The combined nutrients in the food makes it a good choice for children to snack on.Most Saudis relish this with cups of tea or coffee.It is said to have its beginnings in Al-Qassim in the Eastern region of the Kingdom.This specialty bun was well liked even in the olden days.Because of it’s high nutrient values it was a popular choice for travelers, pilgrims, and businessmen who would travel by camel to Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Iran and Egypt for trade.
These delectable biscuits are made of whole wheat flour and have a firm covering.They are filled with a flavored paste and can be stored without refrigeration for upto three months.This is also served during Saudi weddings and other functions.An ideal food for weight watchers to snack on due to less calories.
Picture source Internet-AN photo


  1. Wow they really are so large to eat, how do they eat it?

  2. I am sure this is torn into pieces before shoving into the mouth.


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