Monday, April 2, 2012

Cooking With Tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of nutrients like carbohydrates,calcium and vitamins.You get a lot of benefits eating tomatoes.Most relish them when eaten raw as salads or cooked in various meat and vegetable dishes and the most favourable among children is the tomato ketchup and sauce.Wondering what to do when you are left with an abundance of tomatoes.I guess you might have got fed up of making the same dishes over and over.Why not try making something new this tomato season,when you have a huge bag and don’t know what to do with them..Well! try making tomato chutney,which you can bottle them and store in the refrigerator for longer periods and eat them when tomato is off season.Or you can show off your culinary efforts by taking delicious chutneys to the next potluck organized by your circle of family and friends.Wait till they get a taste of it..They will definitely ask for more. Tomato Chutney,is something like jam but with spices added. It is delicious eaten with toast bread or rice alongside other dishes.


  1. Quick and easy!

  2. Dishes made out of tomato are very nice to eat. It tomato are added up with onion, it is adding nice taste to the recipe. Tomato are always nice to eat, Grind little bit of tomato, put it in kaddai, add all spices and masala to it it will be a great dish for rice and if you want add some potato for side dish.
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  3. nice recipe


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