Friday, April 27, 2012

Spice Up Your Cooking

What a whole lot of information I discovered recently when browsing through a newsletter sent via my email.At times newsletters become a pain,when they  are delivered  to our inbox one after the day.Surprisingly,this time it proved me wrong with this information.Newsletters in a way, pass on to us things we are not aware of . I am very fond of spicy food,but I didnt realize that it had a lot of benefits  eating them. Spicy foods imparts  and enhances flavour and taste to the food we eat ,but I was n’t aware of it’s  advantages. Using the fiery stuff like red chilly could do a lot of good  to the body.Aside the burning sensation to the mouth,lips and tongue,Spicy food actually raises  the body‘s  metabolism due to the chemical compounds  found in spices like red chilly..Adding a lot of red chillies or red chilly flakes to your cooking  can be a good thing if you want to boost your metabolic speed. Go ahead and spice up your cooking and your life as well.

I love to add red chilly to my chicken curry.

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  1. That looks delicious, I love curry :-)


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