Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kitchen Disasters

I was reading a favourite magazine when I came across some interesting  tips to follow, when cooking disasters take place in the kitchen. How many times have we  got to a stage where we think we have to  throw away  the food because we have added too much of salt in the food. And  how much does it infuriate you  when everyone starts complaining  that the food is too oily and leave their plates barely eaten. I find that in most instances  when making ,soups and stews,I unsuspectingly tend to   add extra salt and hold my hands in my head wondering what  I  am going to do with a pot full  of salty soup and  who on earth is going to eat it after that.. Many times I have added cupfuls of extra water to reduce the saltiness but  have ended  up with a pot of  watery soup.
By following some procedures ,I am sure we can relish the salty food too which otherwise would probably go waste.I found these tips very useful and easy to handle. So make sure  to  try  them  next time  you  encounter similar mishaps when cooking.Try adding raw potatoes to the soups and discard  them once they are thoroughly cooked.The cooked potatoes absorb the extra  salt ..Another method is to mix  a teaspoon of cider vinegar and sugar.To get rid of excess fat from soups ,refrigerate the soup after cooking.The excess fat will come up to to the surface and can  be easily removed. Lettuce leaves also absorb fat. Place a few in the pot and the fat will  cling onto it. Simply remove the lettuce leaves. This is a good technique to  adapt to prevent wastage of food  from  possible cooking disasters .

               A pot of soup can turn disastrous if too much of salt is added

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