Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cooking Bean Sprouts

Sometime back,while on our fortnightly grocery shopping,I came across beans sprouts,with was well packed and looked very fresh. Though I had never  cooked it before, I have had  read enough about bean sprouts that I didn't hesitate to pick one pack for my trolley. Back in the kitchen after having done all the grocery shopping, I decided to cook beans sprouts for lunch that day.I did n't even know how this was cooked but my basis culinary skills guided me to make an extraordinary dish.The taste was so good that I could n't help  indulging myself with more servings. My husband too took an instant liking to the new dish.
I put the sprouts in a colander.Washed them well and let the water drain.In a pan,I  added a little oil and sauteed an onion,which was finely sliced,with 2-green chillies and some crushed ginger/garlic.To this I added,a few mustard and fennel seeds.It took about 2 minutes to get them cooked to a light brown colour.Then I mixed a tablespoon of curry powder,a teaspoon each of turmeric and red chilly flakes.Once that was thoroughly blended I added one whole tomato chopped roughly. A sprig of curry leaves and then, went into the pan,the  washed sprouts.I kept mixing all the ingredients together so that all the flavours would blend in nicely.As I love gravy,I poured in about 3 tablespoons of water.Lastly,I added salt according to taste.By this time,a sharp aroma was wafting through the kitchen and believe me  I could n't wait patiently  till it was done.I must say it was absolutely delicious with red rice.As a matter of fact,I had to eat in moderation because of my diabetes.All in all,I enjoyed this new dish and eagerly awaiting to prepare  it again.

Beans Sprouts before cooking

Cooked Beans sprouts

Cooked red rice

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