Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Delicious Finger Foods

The savouries,better known  as short eats or finger foods  have  become the central  itinerary at large and small parties.They  are included  in every menu and  at every occasion.Savouries can be served hot or cold and usually served as starters.We give prominence to them at  tea parties,birthday parties ,family get to-gethers and picnics.Whenever my children invite their friends over,they prefer to serve savouries to them. And I am one happy mom ,who enjoys making them.The most popular at home are cutlets,pastries,buns and sandwiches.

savouries served at a recent get together  at home

Savouries I prepared for my son's birthday

Served during the festive season
Maalu paan or fish buns
My savoury recipes can be found here;

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