Saturday, May 14, 2011

Allieviate The Irritation With Curd

Curd good for itchy skin

During Summer most people suffer from prickly heat and other bothersome heat-related skin problems.I was amazed , when I found out from an old magazine, that certain foods play a significant part in allieviating symptoms of the summer's itch.
In the case of someone with prickly heat,the advise given in the magazine was to rub the whole body with curd.After relaxing for a few minutes ,take a nice cool shower.However for best results, one should continue with this 'Curd Spa ' for a couple of days.
In summer there are many outdoor activities that children love to do.The first to do activity would definitely be swimming. And since they love everything about summer,they should be taught how to avoid getting sunburnt.To get relief from sun burn,mix about 4 spoons of buttermilk with 2spoons of tomato puree and gently rub over the sunburnt area.After about 1/2 an hour wash thoroughly.
For a severe bruise on the skin,apply honey on the wound.This treatment helps a great deal in easing the smarting and prevents any swelling around the bruised skin.

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