Thursday, September 20, 2012

The difference Between Refined And Unrefined Flour

The  difference between  brown  and  white  flour  is that  white flour(refined  wheat flour) contain  only the endosperm,whereas in whole-grain(unrefined whole wheat flour) all of the grain (bran,germ and endosperm )is intact and  utiilized when processing  flour from  whole- grains.So consuming whole-grain whole wheat flour in our  daily diet is highly advantageous as  nothing is lost in the process of making the flour.The  textured, brownish colour of whole grain flour is due to keeping the  bits and pieces of  the grains intact( without discarding them) in the process of making flour.
Whole-grain whole wheat flour is  a healthy,full-flavored flour, fortified  with vitamins, minerals and protein.Whole-grain  wheat flour is more nourishing than their counterpart , the  refined white flour. Refined white flour  does not,contain the macronutrients  of the wheat's bran and germ,especially protein and fibre,like whole-grain flour does. Whole grain has a good amount  of vitamins like calcium , iron,and minerals like selenium.
Unlike white refined flour,whole grain flour  does not raise sugar levels very quickly.So it makes  a better choice for diabetics who wish to keep their sugar levels under control.
However you cannot store the whole grain flour  for longer periods as it has  a shorter shelf life than white flour. The oil content is much higher in the  whole grain wheat flour causing it to spoil quickly, if  it is not  stored in cool places such as a refrigerator.
buns made with refined flour

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